About LyssaLou


“The first time my trust was broken, I found comfort in a pen. Cradled tear stained pages smeared with the laments of distrust and the filth left behind by this feeling of loneliness in this cold world, and through the ink, faith was restored in a world unworthy to receive it. The first time I felt my heart break, I picked up a pen. Let the broken pieces find their way onto the page with my eyes closed and with each stroke, my heart mended itself. The first time I found out what it felt like to die a little inside, I looked for resurrection between thin blue lines and margins that seemed endless, and without hesitation life was restored with word, each grammatically incorrect phrasing, like oxygen and I had been suffocating too long, so I write until I am no longer blue in the face, produce poetry like my life depends on it because it does, end all be all, my alpha and omega, you see… this is my lifeline…this is my life.”



 Allysa “LyssaLou” Singer began writing since the moment she was able to pick up a pen. However, it wasn’t until her senior year of high school that someone truly made her believe in her gift, beginning her love affair with poetry and since that moment she never looked back. Originally from Reno, Nevada, Allysa currently lives in Birmingham, Alabama where she works full time as an Industrial Psychology professional but spends most of her free time focused on her passion of writing and community activism and change. She has been on the spoken word and poetry circuit for more than 8 years but has never truly focused on her art as a profession, until now. Even after the release of her award winning  debut project, “About Time – The Book & The Album” and the awaited release of her second album “FreeWrite Confessions” due to be released early 2018, Allysa holds true to what brought her to poetry in the first place; the desire to share with the world a piece of herself. For her, it is truly and will always be, about the gift and expression.